Welcome To The Gainsborough Practice

We are a group of six GPs, three nurses, one healthcare assistant and an administrative support team serving Bracknell and the surrounding area.

Our surgery is located at the Warfield Green Medical Centre. It is right next door to the Tesco supermarket.

This website is designed to be simple and easy to use - and with a single click from the menu above you can get straight to the information you need ... be it obtaining an on-line repeat prescription from the "how-to" section to understanding who within the practice can best help you through the "staff roles" area.

Practice Partners:Dr Chauke Kade, Dr Wishav Goel, Dr Manjiri Bodhe, Dr Helen Rutherford & Dr Ranette O'Sullivan. For more information about choosing a GP or GP services and appointments please visit NHS CHOICES. 

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February 2015


Surgery closed - 13:30 to 16:30 12th February 2015

The survey is closed from 13:30 to 16:30 for a staff education session on 12th February 2015.  During this time if you need assistance from a GP please dial 03000240005 to speak with our Out of Hours service.


Annual Patient Survey

We are currently running our annual patient survey.  Please help us review our services by completing this online survey before Sunday 22nd February 2015.

To complete the survey now click here.

We are also collecting paper copies in the Survey during 9th - 13th February 2015.

December 2014

Latest edition of The Warbler - December 14 Winter edition including Christmas and New Year Opening times.  Please click here.

IT / Electronic Patient Records - Statement of Intent

There are new contractual requirements on GP practices from 1st April 2014  with regard to developments in the area of IT.

We have already gone live with some aspects and others are in progress with developments to be ready no later than 31st March 2015. 

October 2014

New Appointment System goes live!

From 1st October 2014 we have gone live with the implementation phase of our new appointment system in line with offering Personalised GP appointments.

We request your co-operation in this by confirming with reception that you know who your Registered Doctor is. We believe this will help us to provide continuity of care for better health outcomes and more satisfied patients.

Our permanent doctors will be available throughout the week on the following days:

Monday Dr Kade Dr Goel Dr Bodhe Dr Rutherford Dr O’Sullivan


Dr Kade

Dr Goel

Dr Harrison

Dr Bodhe



Dr Goel

Dr Harrison

Dr Rutherford Dr O’Sullivan



Dr Kade

Dr Goel

Dr Bodhe

Dr Rutherford Dr O’Sullivan


Dr Bodhe Dr Rutherford Dr O’Sullivan



 If your Registered Doctor is not available on a particular day, or whilst you are waiting for your appointment, helpful advice can also be found at www.patient.co.uk. Any urgent care needs will of course be covered on the day by other GPs as required.

Also when booking your appointment it would be very helpful to the doctor if you would give a brief explanation of the nature of your appointment.

During this transitional phase we are requesting patients to remain with Registered Doctor for at least 6 months prior to requesting any transfer. We believe this will allow you to build a relationship with the Doctor whom you may not yet know and then make an informed decision.

We would of course very much appreciate your co-operation and patience during this implementation phase.

CQC Registration - Statement of Purpose

As part of our CQC Registration we have prepared a Statement of Purpose explaining our aims and provision of services.  A copy is available by clicking here.