News Report on 2015 Patient Survey

The Gainsborough Practice has a Patient Participation Group (PPG) committee and also a “Virtual Patient Group”. The contents of the survey were developed at a meeting of the interested parties from looking at last year’s report, actions taken and progress made, to establish if it was worth covering the same ground or new areas.

From this meeting a mixture of new questions and some overlap with previous areas where there seemed good reason. The priority areas identified were

1. Improved clinical continuity of care,

2. Improved access for patients within current resource levels, and

3. Communications for patients and patient experience improvements.

A message was sent to all patients with electronic contact details and also members of the Patient Group, “Virtual Patient group” (VPG) and committee members inviting them to complete the survey by following an online link. In addition during the week patients at the surgery were requested to complete the survey on paper by Surgery staff and/or Patient Group committee members.

Survey Monkey software was again used to input data and analyse the results. The survey was carried out in February with 535 patients responding out of 9949 registered patients. Interestingly this is similar to the response in 2014.

It is pleasing to see that the overall rating of the service was 23% excellent & 48% good, this was an increase from last year of 10% into excellent and 8% into good. There was also an increase of 14% who felt the service had improved from last year.

This year’s survey has indicated that there has been some improvement in the appointment system. In October 2014 a new appointment system was introduced and all patients now have a named personal Doctor. However, the survey has indicated that there is still room for improvement and this will be included in this year’s action plan.

View the full results of the 2015 Survey.