Terms of Reference

Role and Remit

The PPG will be one of the ways in which the Practice will communicate and build positive relationships with its patient population. The core objectives of the PPG will be to:

  • Facilitate and enable dialogue between patients and the Practice team and promote patient involvement in the Practice.
  • Ensure patients’ needs are considered in the development of the Practice systems e.g. Practice Based Commissioned (PBC) services, appointment systems and telephone systems, providing information, promoting and understanding Practice polices.
  • Support the Practice to achieve its health promotion aims.
  • Ensure patient participation and consultation of new developments.
  • Understanding the role of the national survey and reviewing, where appropriate, its results and developing a joint action plan.
  • Ensure the needs and interests of all patient groups are taken into consideration – this includes people with specific illnesses or condition, people with a disability and people from minority ethnic groups and migrant workers.
  • Engage with and discuss Care Quality Commission (CQC) issues.

Patients’ Expectations

It was discussed at the first meeting that Patients saw the role and priorities of the Patient Group as being a:

  • vehicle for the education of patients.
  • method of breaking down any real or perceived barriers.
  • conduit for suggestions and ideas; in particular with PBC and CQC issues.
  • vehicle for developing relationships with other NHS providers.

Practice’s Expectations

  • Open up communication channels and be more responsive to patients’ views and ideas in order to develop medical services and pathways.
  • Use the Patient Group Committee, the ‘Virtual’ web based group set up topics to survey the views of patients.