Flu & Booster COVID Vaccinations

The Waitrose Vaccination site in Bracknell, which is run by Berkshire Primary Care (BPC) will soon be contacting all eligible patients for both flu and booster Covid vaccinations in line with the Government advice. Where possible the vaccines will be co-administered (both at the same time).

Covid boosters can only be given 6 months after the second Covid vaccination so you will be contacted then. Where patients would be at higher risk of flu as their Covid booster isn’t due until later in Winter the season, BPC will be inviting patients to have their flu vaccine first and then return for the Covid booster once eligible.

Both the flu and Covid vaccine stocks are currently limited so BPC will be inviting patients in priority order and as soon as they can. The first initial cohorts will be care home patients and those with immunosuppression conditions. Following that the recall will be in the same order as the Covid vaccinations.

Please ensure we have your correct telephone numbers and you will receive a text or call to book your appointments directly from Berkshire Primary Care.