Online Services

The Patient Access Online Service allows patients to:

  • Book and cancel appointments
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • View parts of your Medical Record (i.e test results)

How using Patient access gives you information about you and your health record at your finger tips!

Look to the future

“I have just had great success completing an electronic document (very lengthy) from my dentist to get NHS treatment & cross referring to my medical record on Patient Access. All the information right at my fingertips.

After managing to get an emergency appointment at the Dentist to have my broken crown looked at I was surprised to receive a large number of forms emailed to me for completion on line before I could even be seen for my appointment.

The forms consisted of the patient details form, Covid Questionnaire (two pages long), Family medical history form to complete with any conditions common in my family & finally the medical form, asking all about my health, medications & operations, oh dear this is going to be tough I thought as I have quite a lot of information to enter at my age (72)….Then I remembered the Patient Access App on my phone. Mainly used by me to order my repeat prescriptions that contains all of my medical details, prescription information , my operation history & dates, even hospital letters from consultants.

So after spending 45 minutes completing the other forms I opened the app & there before me was everything I needed to know.

10 minutes later as I pressed the send button after flicking from dentist form to my patient data I had all the information I needed with dates & the correct spellings for my repeat medications to enter into the document.


In this new electronic age there will be more documents to be completed on line, time to sign up.”

Already registered?

If you are already registered to use the online services you can click the button below to log in:

Enter Online Services

First time users must register to use this service.

For repeat prescriptions please allow 48 hours from request to collection at the Practice.

How to Register

Registration is easy and only needs to be done once – it requires the following steps:

Step One

You will first need to download and complete a registration form then hand the green slip into reception along with any of the following ID (a copy of the form can also be collected from reception):

  • Photo driving license
  • Passport
  • Student photo ID
  • Disabled Blue Badge
  • Older person’s travel card

Once your ID has been verified and your form processed, you will be issued a letter which contains your Registration PIN numbers and your access details. These can be collected from the Practice reception between 9:00am – 6:30pm daily.

Step Two

When you have your registration details you then need to register on the Patient Access website.

Select ‘Yes’ on the first registration screen you will be prompted to enter your Pin, Practice Number, Access ID and NHS number in the boxes given from your document.

You will then be asked to enter your personal details including your password (set by you) which must be at least seven characters and must include at least 1 letter and 1 number.

When you have completed your registration please return to the Patient Access screen to enter online services from the ‘sign in’ box.

Please note

  • Please ensure whenever you are using the online systems to always use the sign out option at the top of the screen to securely log out as you would internet banking and do not just close the screen with the X option.
  • The information you need to complete the registration screens is shown in your registration letter. Look after this letter carefully until you register, and consider destroying it afterwards. If you lose the letter or if it is stolen before you have entered your password and security details, contact the practice straight away, by telephone or in person.
  • Remember to enter the information exactly as it appears on the letter, or your registration will not be accepted. When you log on after registering you must also enter all details in exactly the same format but this time using your password.

Patient Access Support

View the new Patient Access support centre for training guidance, videos and hints and tips.

A support team is available to investigate, diagnose and fix any issues, errors or problems when using or trying to use Patient Access. To raise an issue, visit Contact Support.