Travel Health

Our Nursing team is able to provide advice on Travel Health, and provide a vaccination service for certain diseases to protect you whilst you are on holiday or travelling abroad.

Patients are requested to complete a travel questionnaire at least 6 weeks before departure, one form per person travelling. The completed form should be returned to reception. If your travel date falls before this period, reception staff will recommend that you contact a travel centre (see list of travel clinics below).

Travel Questionnaire form

A nurse will then assess your needs and record recommendations for vaccination. Please allow 2 weeks for this process before contacting reception again to arrange the recommended appointments for advice and vaccinations as advised by the Practice Nurse if necessary.

Vaccinations can be a single injection or a course of injections and an initial appointment should be no less than 4 weeks before departure.

Please be aware that not all vaccinations are available on the NHS, some may incur a charge, and this includes some malaria preparations.

Some Vaccinations are only available from a travel clinic and are not available from the Gainsborough Practice. In this case you may be advised to make an appointment with a Travel Centre where you can receive a more comprehensive service.

We are not a registered Yellow Fever Centre so are unable to provide Yellow Fever vaccination. If you require Yellow Fever please arrange to have this prior to your holiday.

In addition to vaccinations the nurses are able to provide you with information on other aspects of travel to assist you in experiencing a safe and enjoyable trip.

Travel Centres

MASTA Travel Clinic
based at Grovelands Medical Centre
701 Oxford Rd
RG30 1HG
Tel: 0118 952 3623

MASTA Travel Clinic
30 Bradford Rd
Tel: 0845 680 7875

Superdrug Travel Clinic
Unit 2
55-59 Broad St
RG30 1HG
Tel: 03333 111007

Reading Walk-In Health Centre
1st Floor
103-105 Broad St Mall
Tel: 0118 902 8300

World Travel Clinic
Claremont House
70-72 Alma Rd
Tel: 01753 847 663

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